dari K(ダリケー)

dari K to the World

Wonderful surprises =)

Today was full of nice surprise!
1. I checked the mail box and found a postcard.
It was from a woman who had bought Dari K's chocolate
the other day. She wrote that she was happy because
her friends really liked Dari K's chocolate she got
for them, and they all enjoyed talking over the
chocolates and snacks from Dari K!!
I'm happy, because YOU are happy =)
Thank you, N-san!!
2. A customer called(telephoned) Dari K this morning,
and she said she would like to come to the shop.
I told her the direction to get here,
and she came in to the shop the afternoon with her friends.
She said that she had checked the website and
blog of Dari K and wanted to come here since then.
Thank you for coming!
3. Two of the regular customers came to the shop.
It's not something unusual, as they ARE Regular
customers. But they got to know each other
at Dari K, so in that sense, Dari K helped
people to mix with one another.
Isnt't it nice?? I love it!
Thanks for coming, M-san, T-san and E-san(M'san's
lovely mom!)
4. Another regular customer came at night.
It's also just another scene for Dari K.
But today, he brought a small piece of chocolate.
I was confused. Why you gave me a chocolate?
Is today a Valentine's day? No. Anyway, it's HE, so
I shouldn't even think about it!
Well It's always me who sells a chocolate
to him, not the other way round. Anyway, surprisingly,
the chocolate he brought to me was made by him,
by himself! From the beans he got from Dari K.
You know, he crushed the cacao beans, smashed,
made them into paste and mixed with fresh cream.
What an experiement!! Sometimes he surprises me,
and his ideas often excite me so much that I can't
stand still!! Thanks for making me excited, S-san!
5. Just before the closing time at 20:00, a woman
came into the shop. She is a friend of mine, whom
I met during the international exchange program
organzied by the Japanese government.
Many of my friends have come to Dari K already,
so this shouldn't be something so surprising?
Yes, it IS surprising!!! Why? because I haven't seen
her for 10 years since the program ended.
She worked in many countries, including Indonesia.
But now she is an owner of a cafe. where?
In Laos!! cafe in Laos!! How cool!!!
Catching up with her was just amazing!! Need
more time!! Please come again, H-chan!